A table is used to display large data sets that can be easily laid out in a simple grid with column headers.


Bulk select

Bulk select screenshot

Expand/collapse all

Expand/collapse all screenshot


Compact screenshot

Compound expansion

Compound expansion screenshot

Column management

Column management screenshot

Column management with draggable

Column management with draggable screenshot


Filterable screenshot

Sortable - responsive

Sortable - responsive screenshot

Automatic pagination

The below example illustrates the isLastFullPageShown prop, which makes the following changes when the user sets the number of items to display per page to an amount that exceeds the remaining amount of data:

  • The component automatically changes the page back to the last full page of results, rather than defaulting to the final page of results.

To demonstrate this, navigate to the last page of data below using the >> navigation arrows, then use the dropdown selector to change the view to 5 per page.

  • The default behavior would show the last page of results, which would only contain the last two rows (rows 11 - 12).
  • The isLastFullPageShown prop navigates you back to the previous page which does contain a full page of 5 rows (rows 6 - 10).
Automatic pagination screenshot

Static bottom pagination on mobile

Static bottom pagination on mobile screenshot
Sticky header screenshot

Sticky first column

Sticky first column screenshot

Sticky columns and header with toolbar

A toolbar may be added above a sticky table either inside or outside the OuterScrollContainer.

Sticky columns and header with toolbar screenshot

Empty states

These examples demonstrate the use of an Empty State component inside of a Table. Empty states are useful in a table when a filter returns no results, while data is loading, or when any type of error or exception condition occurs.


Empty screenshot


Loading screenshot


Error screenshot
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