A spinner is used to indicate to users that an action is in progress. For actions that may take a long time, use a progress bar instead.



Size variations

Custom size

Inline size


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Second level

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Sometimes you need small text



aria-labelstringAccessible label to describe what is loading
aria-labelledBystringId of element which describes what is being loaded
aria-valuetextstring'Loading...'Text describing that current loading status or progress
classNamestring''Additional classes added to the Spinner.
diameterstringDiameter of spinner set as CSS variable
isInlineBetabooleanfalseIndicates the spinner is inline and the size should inherit the text font size. This will override the size prop.
size'sm' | 'md' | 'lg' | 'xl''xl'Size variant of progress.

CSS variables

Expand or collapse columnSelectorVariableValue

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