Accessibility scorecard

Scoring your accessibility

To support the proper assessment of accessibility measures, we've created a scorecard that outlines the ways that we recommend testing your UI and assessing how well it meets accessibility expectations. A completed scorecard can help you communicate the accessibility of your UI to stakeholders by clearly identifying how it meets important criteria.

Scoring your accessibility shouldn't be a one-time thing. It's something that you should do routinely to assess your product as it evolves.

An accessibility scorecard offers a higher-level overview of the current state of your product's accessibility, but it is not intended to replace a full accessibility audit, as described by our accessibility testing guide. An accessibility audit is a vital part of creating your accessibility scorecard. accessibility scorecard

The following example demonstrates what a completed scorecard may look like by assessing the website documentation.

Report generated April 23, 2024
Accessibility report generated using axe-core based tooling.Q2 2024 report (April 23, 2024)

24 violations found

Manual keyboard and screen reader testing conducted.--
Accessibility violations in product itemized and prioritized. Notes should indicate how violations were identified - i.e. via generated report and/or manual testing.patternfly/patternfly-org issue #3979

Errors identified via generated report.

Critical and major accessibility violations identified in item #3 resolved (%).--

24 violations remaining

Automated accessibility checks added to pull request or equivalent code acceptance criteria.--
Manual keyboard and screen reader accessibility checks added to pull request or equivalent code acceptance criteria.Accessibility devs identified and tagged on relevant PRs to manually review screen reader and keyboard interactions
CI/CD Process established to track accessibility violations/regressions. CI/CD process could be wired up to use or the patternfly-a11y tool (also built using axe)--Report configuration created, needs to be hooked into CI/CD
Website built with PatternFly React components. Could note alternate design systems/component libraries along with reference to their accessibility docs.
PatternFly React is up to date with the latest releaseCurrent versions: "@patternfly/patternfly": "5.3.0", "@patternfly/react-core": "5.3.0"
User testing conducted (Extra credit 🌟)--

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